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    Ikan masak lemak cili api

    Sup Ayam

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    Rabu, 28 Jun 2017| 0 comment

    hi. thanks for everything you have done in my life. be strong. nenite memil.

    wake up girl
    Rabu, 7 Jun 2017| 0 comment

    sometimes, i really feel like i need you but youre not always there and i still remembered how i cried myself to sleep because of heartbroken i was. i never want to be that weak ever again.

    wakeup ki. you can do it 💪

    to me ..


    you have to forget
    what you want

    and remember
    what you deserve.

    Selasa, 30 Mei 2017| 0 comment

    i fall,
    i hurt,
    i broke,
    but who cares?

    yes, nobody.

    be honest with me
    Isnin, 29 Mei 2017| 0 comment

    dont tell me what i want to hear. tell the truth. it may hurt, but it definitely wont hurt more than the feeling that i was told something out of pity, not out of honesty. if you mean it, say it. if you dont, keep your words until the right person is standing  in front of you. if words are said too many times, they become cheap and i only deserve to hear what is valuable.

    Sup Ayam
    Sabtu, 27 Mei 2017| 0 comment

    1 bawang besar
    2 bawang putih
    1inch halia

    panaskan sedikit minyak
    tumis bahan bled tadi tu

    masak masak masak
    pastu letak ayam ke daging
    kacau kacau sikit

    pastu tambah air
    jangan lupa buh garam secukup rasa ye
    pastu buh halba/sup bunjut
    cili sikit kalau nak pedas
    masak masak masak

    rasa la kalau tak sedap pandai2 la kau hahahahahaha

    ikan masak lemak cili api

    1 bawang besar
    cili banyak banyak
    2bijiguli kunyit
    2 bawang putih

    panaskan periuk
    letak serai dan asam keping
    dan masukkan bahan blend tdi

    masak masak masak
    letak ikan

    masak masak masak lagi
    bubuh santan

    masak masak masak
    jangan lupa buh garam.